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The Seasons

Vivaldi's Four Seasons recomposed by Max Richter

Martin Riseley violin/conductor — Jolt Dance

German-born British composer Max Richter takes us on a journey through his re-imagined landscape of Vivaldi's pictorial masterpiece The Four Seasons.

Fascinated by Vivaldi's ground-breaking Four Seasons, Richter's 'recomposition' has now topped the classical charts in 22 countries.

"The Four Seasons is something we all carry around with us," says Richter. "It's just everywhere. This project is about reclaiming this music for me personally, by getting inside it and rediscovering it - and taking a new path through a well-known landscape."

Dancers from inclusive dance company Jolt weave together with the orchestra to create a highly evocative and memorable performance.

CSO's captivating Concertmaster Martin Riseley will assume the role of both soloist and conductor.

The performance will be approximately 60 minutes.

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