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Lissa Meridan (NZ) Firecracker — Osvaldo Golijov Azul — Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Op.68, F major (Pastoral)

Benjamin Northey Chief Conductor — Matthew Barley Cello — Grayson Masefield Accordion — Brett Painter Percussion — Douglas Brush Percussion

New Zealand composer Lissa Meridan composed the award-winning Firecracker in 1999 and it was hailed by critics as “zany and ear-popping”

Osvaldo Golijov’s cello concerto Azul is characteristic of the composer’s gift for incorporating diverse influences into a fresh vision, blending together various sources of creativity.

Cellist Matthew Barley has created a unique international career and has been described as ‘the world’s most adventurous cellist’.

The harmonic make-up of Beethoven’s sixth symphony is entirely relaxed and rejoices in major triads from the very beginning until the ‘thunderstorm’ of the fourth movement.

We’re keen to keep our musicians safe and the music playing in 2022, so we strongly encourage mask wearing at all concerts.

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