Tune Up

Improvise! Way to Go!

Saturday & Sunday, 16 & 17 July, 2-5pm, Ron Ball Studio

With tutors Cathy Irons (CSO First Violin) and Lorenz Weston-Salzer

Take your improvising further with this fun improvisation workshop for all players of orchestral instruments! (except percussion)

Improvisation is fun, creative, and a great way to get to know your instrument and other musicians. Open to all levels and abilities, everything will be clearly explained in these engaging three-hour sessions. Here, you'll learn the skills you need and soon you'll be jamming along in our friendly and supportive environment.

Improvisation provides a valuable link between theory, harmony, aural training, and playing your instrument. You'll understand more about music and come away motivated and freshly inspired.

Cathy Irons (CSO, CMNZ)
Lorenz Weston-Salzer (Yurt Party)

There are two streams:

Stream 1 - Aimed at Grade 3/ Suzuki book 3 playing ability and up. No sight-reading skills necessary.
Activities for this group will include:
* Improvisation games
* Activities based on Creative Ability Development
* A focus on rhythm, harmony, melody and communication
* Creating unique and spontaneous music together

Stream 2 - Aimed at teenagers and adults with basic sight reading ability
Activities for this group will include:
* Improving aural and rhythmic skills
* Explanations of chords and scales
* Learn Duke Ellington's timeless "Caravan"
* Open discussion and questions