Lamb & Hayward Masterworks

Call of the Wild

Benjamin Northey – Chief Conductor

Adam Page – Saxophone

Ravel – Mother Goose Suite

John Psathas – Saxophone Concerto “Call of the Wild”

Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade

Music can transport us to faraway lands. Step into the colourful world of French orchestration with Ravel’s childlike Ma mère l’oye or Mother Goose, originally written as a piano duo for his friend’s two children, to encounter a cast of magical characters.

CSO welcomes thrilling Australian saxophonist Adam Page to perform John Psathas’ Call of the Wild – a vividly programmatic work that charts the experiences of Psathas’ own Greek family over the past century.

Synesthete Rimsky-Korsakov employed a glittering use of the full orchestra in bringing the tales of the Arabian Nights to life in Scheherazade. Audiences will hear Sinbad sailing the rocky seas, and have front row seats to Scheherazade’s outwitting of the cruel Sultan Shahryar.

CSO would like to acknowledge the generous support of Gloria Streat for the purchase of the score and parts for Mother Goose Suite, by Ravel.